The Department is fully committed to the highest standard of excellence and transparency in providing the benefits to the people belonging to SC's/ST’s/OBC’s/Minorities.


            For achieving its goals, concerted efforts are made for quick disposal of applications/letters and complaints.  The following periodical arrangements have been made for early disposal of above matters.


(1)               Applications/letters will be accepted by the Department and a signed receipt will be issued therefor.

(2)               Effort will be made to send reply of the letters/clarifications within two weeks.

(3)               If the financial assistance can not be provided to an applicant due to ineligibility or any or any other reason, he will be duly informed of the decision within a month.

(4)               If the Department needs comments of another Department for disposal of applications/complaint received, in that case department will take action within two weeks any try to send the reply within six weeks to complainant.

(5)               Information regarding implementation of important schemes and new plans will be given to the target groups through advertisements in the newspapers.  MLAs  and local leaders will also be contacted in such maters.

(6)               Besides all these things, officers/officials of this Department shall be available in the office between 12.00 Noon to 1:00 P.M. everyday for public hearing.


Number of schemes are being implemented by Govt. of NCT of Delhi for socio-economic development of residents of Delhi belonging to SC's/ST’s/OBC’s/MINORITIES.  Name of the schemes implemented amount of financial assistance given under the schemes and conditions laid down therein which are to be completed by the applicant, name and telephone number of the officers of the department dealing with the various schemes is given in the last.  Format of the application form is published in the newspapers alongwith advertisement of the schemes.


For availing benefits under these scheme, following conditions are required to be fulfilled:

(1)               Applicant should belong to SC/ST/OBC/Minorities and in support thereof they are required to produce SC/ST/OBC/Minorities certificate issued by concerned district office of Delhi.

(2)               Application should be resident of Delhi and in support thereof he is required to produce a supporting document.

(3)             Total income of the family should not exceed Rs. 1.00 lakh per annum (except where specifically provided in the scheme).  In support of this, he is required to produce the self declaration of income in the self certified income certificate in the format developed by Education Deptt. for its schemes.


Besides, the conditions laid down each in scheme are also required to be fulfilled. 







1.         Free supply of stationery to SC/ST/ OBC/Minorities students in schools.


Amount of Assistance

            (a)        VI to VIII  class

                        Rs.45/-  P.M.  for 10 months

            (b)       IX to XII      class

                        Rs.75/- P.M.  for 10 months

Terms and Conditions

(a)        Financial assistance is provided for purchase of stationery to SC/ST/ OBC/Minorities students of 6th or 12th class studying Govt. of India/GNCT of Delhi/Aided Recognized schools

(b)         Family income should not exceed Rs. 1.00 lakh  P.A.



            Within three months after commencement of academic session.




2(A).    Merit scholarship to SC/ST/OBC/Minorities students. Class IX to XII.




For  securing 55% & above  but less  than 60% of the marks in  the previous exam.


Class VI to VIII                                   Rs. 500/- per annum.


Class IX to XII                         Rs. 1350/-  per annum.


For  securing   60% & above  marks in  the previous exam.



Class VI to VIII                                   Rs. 600/- per annum.


Class IX to XII                         Rs. 1700/-  per annum.







1.                  Students  studying in class VI  to XII in  Central Govt /Govt. of Delhi/  Aided/  Recognised/Local bodies   schools  are eligible.


2.                  Family income limit is not applicable  in case of SC/ST students.  But family income should not exceed  Rs. 1.00 lakh per annum  in case of OBC and minorities students.




Within three months after commencement of academic session


2(B).   Merit scholarship to college/ professional institution students belonging to SC/ST/OBC/Minorities/EDS


Amount of Assistance & Level of education



(i)  Degree course in Medical/ Engg. B.Tech/   BAMS and   comparable course.

Hostlers   Rs. 1350/-     Day Scholar  Rs. 750/- (p.m.)


(ii)              Post graduation in above courses Hostlers         Rs. 1550/-      Day Scholar Rs.  800/-  (p.m.)



(i)  Diploma level courses in Ayurvedic Unani, Tibia, Homeopathy, Medical or Comparable Engg. Technology etc.

Hostlers   Rs. 925/- Day Scholar Rs.  600/-  (p.m.)



(i)  Certificate course in Engg. Technology,medicine diploma etc.

Hostlers         Rs. 775/-        Day Scholar Rs.  525/-     (p.m.)



 (i) Graduate level (general education) Post graduate level

 Hostlers        Rs. 670/-        Day Scholar Rs.  350/-     (p.m.)



Terms and Conditions


i)   SC/ST students are eligible to get both the scholarships   viz.   `Post   Matric   Scholarship' and `Meritorious   Scholarship    ' if he/she  is eligible .


ii)  Only those SC/ST/OBC/Minorities  students are eligible who will obtain 60% or more marks in  previous examination  and get  admission in  recognised  college  /  professional  /   technical institutions.


iii) Scholarship  will  be granted to students  of  3  year degree courses, post graduate studies at college  level and  professional courses of degree and  post  graduate level  and  diploma  studies.   The  duration  of   the professional course may vary from course to course.

iv)  There  shall  be  no  limit  for  the  income  of   the applicant/parents/guardians for grant of scholarship in respect of SC/ST students. However, family income limit of   Rs.   1,00,000/-   p.a.  is   applicable   for    the OBC/ Minorities community.


v)  Students should have SC/ST/OBC/Minorities certificate issued by the   competent   authority  of   Delhi   i.e.   Deputy Commissioner, Delhi.


vi)  The rate of scholarship will be reduced to 50% if  a  student   failed in  the  annual  examination, but continues studies except in cases where the student failed  to appear in the annual examination  on  medical grounds  or  due to natural calamities   or  any  other reason beyond his/her control.


vii)  Intentional non appearance in the  annual  examination will  disqualify  the  student   from  the  grant   of scholarship during the next academic year.




After declaration of annual exam results.



3.         Vocational and Technical scholarship to SC/ST/OBC/Minorities


            Amount of Assistance

Scholarship of Rs.175/- per month to day scholars and Rs.300/- per month to hostellers


            Terms and Conditions

Scholarship is given to the SC/ST/OBC/Minorities Students receiving technical education in various industrial Training Institutes (it is) being run by GNCT of Delhi and whose family income does not exceed Rs. 1.00 lakh per annum. 



            At the end of academic session.



4.         Dr. B.R.Ambedkar State Award to SC/ST/OBC/Minorities students


            Amount of Assistance

An award of  Rs.8000/- is given to each of the toppers amongst SC/ST/OBC/Minorities’ students in each discipline at the  graduation level examination of following institutions.

1.                  Delhi College of Engineering

2.                  Delhi Institute of technology

3.                  Maulana Azad Medical College

4.                  University College of Medical Science

5.                  Delhi College of Pharmacy

6.                  College of Art

7.                  Nehru Homeopathic college and hospital

8.                  Jamia Millia University

9.                  A.I.I.M.S.

10.              Indian Institute of Agriculture research

11.              Dr. Sucheta Kriplani Medical College

12.              Indian Institute of Agriculture Research.

13.              A&U Tibbia college.

14.              Indira Gandhi National Open University.


Terms & Conditions

(a)               The student must have passed his/her 10th and 12th class from Delhi.

(b)               The award is given to a student, who tops among the SC/ST/OBC/Minorities in each discipline of the professional/

                         Technical degree course.

(c)                The topper student is awarded only once after passing out of the final examination of the course.

(d)              The award is conferred among the toppers of all professional/ technical courses.


      Being a merit based award, no family income limit has been laid down.


5.           Reimbursement of tuition fee for SC/T/OBC/Min.  students in public schools


            Amount of Assistance / Terms & Conditions


The SC/ST/OBC/Min.  students studying in Ist to Vth will be entitled to get reimbursement of tution fee and other compulsory fee irrespective of the percentage of marks.   But in case of students studying in VI to XIIth  class tution and other compulsory fee will be reimbursed to only those students scoring 50% & above marks and having attendance not less than 80% in the preceding year.

The reimbursement is 100% to the students whose family income do not exceed Rs.48000/- per annum.  In case, students whose family income is more than Rs.48000/- and below Rs.1.00 lakh per annum  75% of the fee will is  reimbursed.



6.         Hostel for SC/ST/OBC/Min.  boys        

            Capacity of hostels is 100 students.



Terms & Conditions

Hostels is available for the poor SC/ST/OBC/Min,  boys students, studying in XII class or above in Government or recognized schools or colleges.  All the facilities, in this hostel, are provided free of cost


The income limit of the parents of  students, who seek admission  should not exceed Rs. 1.00 lakh per annum.



            Admissions are made in August-September, each year

For admission of students in this hostel, please contact Suptd. Girls Hostel, Sanskar Ashram, Dilshad Garden, on Telephone No. 22121053.



7.         Hostel for SC/ST /OBC/Min.  girls students.

            Capacity of hostels is 70 students.


            Terms & Conditions

Hostel is available for poor SC/STOBC/Min.   girls students, studying in XII class or above in Government or recognized schools or colleges.  All the facilities, in this hostel, are provided free of cost


The income limit of the parents of students, who seek admission should not exceed Rs. 1.00 lakh per annum.



            Admissions are made in August-September, each year.


For admission of students in this hostel, please contact Suptd. Girls Hostel, Sanskar Ashram, Dilshad Garden, on Telephone No. 22121053.



8.         Pre-Exam Coaching for ST/OBC/Min. students.


             Under the ongoing centrally sponsored scheme, the 100% financial assistance for in-house  pre-exam coaching for engineering, medical and civil services is provided. In-house  coaching has not been agreed upon by the Planning Department, instead suggested to outsource.   The   Working Group  constituted for preparing 11th Five Year Plan  also recommended that pre-exam coaching for engineering, medical and civil services may be provided to the students belonging to SC/ST/OBC/Minorities by sponsoring the students to the institutions   of both public and private which have achieved distinction during the preceding three years, in   terms of success rate of candidates coached by  them.


            As per recommendations of the Working Group the plan scheme “ pre-exam coaching for ST students”  has been proposed to be extended to SC/OBC and minority students w.e.f. 11th Five Year Plan  under State Plan.  Pre-examination coaching at PECC, Karol Bagh for Group ‘B’ Courses will continue under the centrally sponsored scheme.





Present age is the age of competition and only the fittest can survive.  With the spread of education amongst the younger generation of SCs/STs/OBCs/Minorities there is stiff competition amongst the candidates of these communities themselves.


It has been observed that students for the rich families of STs tend to secure most of the jobs as they have better schooling and training/coaching for the competitive examinations whereas the students from the poor families rarely get selected because during school/college education their standard of education remain low due to poverty and there after due to non-affordability of proper coaching facilities.



            To provide pre-exam coaching to the students of these communities a scheme “Pre Exam coaching for SC/ST” was launched under Annual Plan 1996-97. Under the scheme, pre-exam coaching for engineering and medical courses was given to the SC/ST communities.  Subsequently, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment , Govt. of India also  launched in 2001, a Centrally Sponsored Scheme “Coaching and Allied Assistance for weaker sections including SCs/OBCs/Min.” for providing coaching for engineering, medical & IAS etc. In the Centrally Sponsored Scheme, it has been suggested that students may be got coached from institutions of repute both public and private which are running coaching courses and have achieved distinctions during the preceding three years, in terms of success rate of candidates coached by them. Since, STs were not covered under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme the state  plan scheme was amended during 2002 and it was decided that only ST students will be benefited under the scheme.


Subsequently, the scope of the State Plan scheme was widened by including coaching for All India Services Examinations &  Other Services also.


Eligibility Conditions for Admission:


Candidates,  who fulfill the following conditions  will sponsored :-


a)                  Candidates must have  required caste Certificate issued  by the competent authority of Delhi.

b)                  (i)  The candidate seeking coaching for All  India services should have passed B.A./B.E or  equivalent exam  conducted by the recognized  university  and   must have scored more than 50% marks.


                  ( ii) The candidates seeking coaching for admission in medical & engg. colleges should have passed Sr. Secondary   or  equivalent  exam  from   recognized board/university  and must have scored  more  than 50%  marks.   Beside students appearing  for  10+2 exam,  who have scored at least 50% or more  marks in matric and also in XIth class will be eligible.

(c)        The family income of the family of the applicant including their own  income,  should be between  Rs.1.00 lakh to 2.00 lakh -  per annum   which  should  be  supported   by   Income certificates from the SDM only.


(d)        The age of the candidate should be as  laid down by the admitting/examining bodies.

2. Procedure for  sponsoring :


The  application  for  admission in the  PEC  will  be considered   on   furnishing  proof  of  having   submitted   the Application  Form  by the candidate to  the  concerned  examining authority.  Admission  for coaching  will be made on the basis of merit prepared after interview of the candidates.


Admission for coaching for main exam will be given only if  the  candidate qualify the preliminary exam.  The  successful candidate will have not to apply again.


3.  Duration of Coaching:

For admission into engineering or medical colleges  the coaching  will  be  for 3-6 months and for All  India  Service  the coaching duration will be as under :


(i)  For Preliminary Exam   :     4-Months

(ii) For Main Exam             :     3-Months



4. Chances of Coaching

Coaching will be provided not more than two times.


5. Subjects of coaching:

In  the coaching for admission in MBBS  or  Engineering degree, coaching in Physics, Chemistry, Maths or Biology  subjects only  will be provided. In case of all India  Services,  coaching will be provided in General Knowledge, English and General  Hindi and  most  popular combinations(s).


6. Fees and Stipend to the Candidates:


No coaching fee will be charged from the candidates.  However, on the pattern of centrally sponsored scheme Rs. 6000/- for engineering and medical courses and Rs. 8000/- for civil services(preliminary + main) per students will be paid to the selected coaching institutions.   To  help  the  poor candidates,  a stipend at the rate of Rs.250/- per month will  be given  to those trainees, who attend at least 80% of the  classes except in case where attendance was less than 80% on the  medical ground or for the reasons beyond control of the trainee.




Composition of the Committee.


            For selection of institutions as well as students the composition of the committee will be as under:-


1.         Pr. Secretary /Secretary (SC/ST/OBC/Min.)                            Chairman.

2.         Representative from Directorate of Higher Education     Member.

3.         Representative from the Planning Department                Member.

4.         Representative from the Finance Department                 Member.

5.         Dy. Director(SCP).



   8 .       Funding of 50% share  by the Government towards  development charges  for electrification of un-electrified house-side/colonies  allotted under 20 Point Programme


Office of Divisional Commissioner and Secretary (Revenue) had submitted a Cabinet Note for regularization of residential plots allotted under the 20 Point Programme in respect of original allottees or the person who are in possession of the plots by sale/transfer from original allottees and are using the house sites for residential/ other purposes. The Cabinet vide Decision No. 1023 dated 16.12.2005 approved certain regularization charges and further decided that no development charges are to be levied.


For electrification of house sites allotted under the 20 Point Programme no development charges are to be recovered from original allottees in light of Cabinet decision referred above. It has been decided to place the funds at the disposal of Department for the Welfare of SC/ST/OBC/Min. Following procedure has been discussed & formalized in the meeting taken by Hon'ble Minister of Power on 19.1.2006.


1.         Panchayat Department will compile the list of original allottees of residential plots under 20 Point Programme who are using the house sites for residential purpose only and for no other purpose. The list will be sent to the Department for the Welfare of SC/ST/OBC/Min. and DISCOMS  who after getting the list shall give requisite publicity in the colonies of 20 Point Programme.


2.         The original allottee as above shall approach the Department for the Welfare of SC/ST/OBC/Min. and submit duly filled application form for electrification of his house

site after due verification of the allottec name with the list supplied by Panchayat Department (on basis of any documentary evidence like Voter 1-Card, Ration Card etc.) the Department for the Welfare of SC/ST/OBC/Min. shall compile all the application received within a particular month and deposit the development charge @ Rs.4000/- per application by way of Demand Draft/Cheque/Pay Order with the concerned  DISCOMS  for providing electricity supply to the allottees.


3.   The DISCOMS after receiving the verified list and development charges from Department for the Welfare of SC/ST/OBC/Min. shall immediately provide electricity connection to the allottees. Advance Consumption Deposit @ 2000/- and Security Deposit @ Rs.600/­per allottees shall be separately charged by DISCOMS.


In the meeting held on 24.01.2007 under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary, Delhi, it was decided that Power Department will coordinate with Revenue Department, DISCOMS and Welfare of SC/ST/OBC/Min. Department and will provide the list to Welfare of SC/ST/OBC/Min. Department. 



9.         Dr. Ambedkar Ratan Award


            Amount of Assistance / Terms & Conditions

An award of Rs. 1,00,000/- with a Citation and a Shawl is presented to a person/Institution/Society, who has done exemplary work for the welfare of SCs in Delhi.



10.       Improvement of SC Basties



Terms & Conditions

This is one of the on-going schemes. Its objective is to improve the living conditions in basties   predominantly habitated by scheduled castes people by carrying out civil works such as repair of chaupals, construction of common bathrooms  & community   latrines, repair/relying of drains   & pavements, construction of bituminous roads or C.C. flooring approach roads or kharanjas as per requirement, repair of SC Dharamshalas etc.   This is one of the most popular schemes under this sector and has gone a long way in improving the living conditions in scheduled castes clusters.  These works will be carried out in authorized areas/ colonies and, if permitted by law, in unauthorized areas/colonies also.


A 1.     Improvement works in the SC/ST Basties will be taken up on the request of MLAs, residents or their associations in such Basties, that are certified as SC/ST Basties by the Department for the Welfare of SC/ST/OBC/Minorities on the basis of the 2001 census and local inquiry by the field staff. Prospective beneficiaries will be actively involved in the planning of the works.


2.         Since the community is over a wide range in the Delhi region and over all percentage of the community is around 17-18% in a dispersed pattern of habitation in an urban agglomeration, the basties which have a population of 33% or more of SCs/STs as per the Census Report 2001 will  be considered as SC/ST basti including resettlement colonies.


3.         The Area/Basti where such improvement works is proposed to be undertaken may be either on private land, Lal Dora/extended Lal Dora or Government land allotted under 20 Point Programme with at least 60-70% built up area .


4.         No improvement work shall be recommended/executed in unauthorized SC/ST Basties on public/government land.


B. 1.     After verification of the position in regard to the points listed under ’A’ the  Department will send a formal requisition to the Executive Department i.e. Irrigation and Flood Control Department  for preparation of formal proposal for the works to be undertaken in a particular area and for submission of estimates of the proposed works. Such requisition should ordinarily be made within 20 days after verification.


2.         While preparing the proposal and estimates, the Executing Department/Agency will observe the following:


3.         A copy of the estimate will be furnished to the Residents Association.   

VI. After completion of the work, the department will hand over the assets to the identified Association/RWA/ Society/ Regd. Body/Institution for day to day maintenance. However, major repair works shall be  done  by the I&FC Department once in two years as per norms followed by the PWD, Delhi Govt. An MOU will be signed between the Department for the Welfare of SC/ST and Residents Association/ Local Committees to this effect.


4.         Electricity bills of the existing Chaupals and Chaupals to be constructed   is to

be borne by the local Association/Committee to whom the Chaupal has been handed over. 


5.         The following civil works may be under taken under the scheme:-


1.                  Repair/Construction of common bathrooms and community latrines.

2.                  Repair/relaying of side drains and pavements.

3.                  Kharanja/repair of kucha roads (Brick edge soiling).

4.                  C.C. flooring of approach roads or Kharanjas.

5.                  Repair/construction of community centre/chaupal.




            Within one year after receipt of application.









1.                  Implementation of the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955 and SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.


Under this scheme financial assistance is provided to the SC/ST people for their rehabilitation, who are victims of atrocities by non-scheduled castes people.  The assistance is given as per the provision of the SC/ST (Prevention of atrocities) Act and its Rules.



Terms & Conditions

1.                  F.I.R. must have been lodged in police station.

2.                  Atrocity must have been committed by non-SC persons.



Within three months of receipt of application.


2(A)     Coaching and allied assistance for weaker sections including SC/OBC/Minorities.


The scheme aims at assisting students to weaker sections, SCs, OBCs and Minorities by way of special coaching for admission into institutions imparting technical, vocational courses such as engineering, medical, agricultural, management, information technology, and service related courses both in public and private sectors. 

Recruitment to services under Group”A” and “B” under the Center and State Government, public sector undertakings, banks, as well as private sector.

Implementing Agency

Institutions of repute, both public and private which are running coaching courses and have achieved distinctions during the preceding three years, in terms of success rate of candidates coached by such organizations will be eligible for assistance under the scheme.


Terms & conditions

1.                  Students should be selected based on merits.

2.                  Only students belonging to Scheduled Castes,OBCs and Minorities   having family income of Rs.1.00 per annum will be eligible for assistance.

3.                  Assistance under the scheme can be availed by a particular student not more than two times, irrespective of the no. of chances, he/she may be entitled to in a particular competitive examination.

4.                  In case, where examination is conducted in two stages (i.e. preliminary and main ) candidates will be allowed to take coaching of the preliminary as well as main examination in each time, but coaching for main examination will be available only to those, who have cleared preliminary examination.


Students, covered under the scheme, shall have to attend all classes. In the event of any student, remaining absent for more than 15 days without any valid reason , assistance to him/her shall be discontinued and another student shall be taken in his/her place.



Within three months of receipt of application.


12(B)   Pre-Exam coaching centre for SC/ST students.

Free of cost pre-examination coaching is provided in respect of the examination conducted by Staff Selection Commission and Banking Recruitment Board.  During coaching stipend @85/- per month is also granted.


Terms & Conditions

1.                  Admission is granted on qualifying the test conducted by this PECC

2.                  Admission is given to only those candidates who have already applied to concerned Commission/Board for appearing in the exam.

      3.         Coaching is provided only for two exams.



Within three months of receipt of application.   For admission in PECC, please contact, Director, PECC, 61/32,Rampura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi.Telephone No. 25725193.


13.       Post Metric Scholarship to SC/ST & OBCs students

Department for the Welfare of SC/ST/OBC/Minorities have taken over implementation of recently revised Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Post Metric Scholarship to the students belonging to SC/ST & OBC for pursuing further studies at post matriculation/post secondary (college/university) levels within India from the current financial year 2004-05.


Amount of Assistance


The value of scholarship includes maintenance allowance, additional allowance for students with disabilities, reimbursement of  compulsory non-refundable fee, study tour charges, thesis typing/printing charges, book allowance for students pursuing correspondence course for complete duration of the course.  The details are as follows :-


Group-I (SC/ST)

Degree & Post Graduate Level Courses (including M.Phill, Ph. D. and Post Doctoral Reseach) in Medicines (allopathic, Indian and other recognized system of medicines) Engg. Technology, agriculture, veterinary and allied science, management, business finance, Business Admn. & Computer  application/Science.  Commercial Pilot Licenses (including helicopter pilot and multi engine rating) course.

Hostlers   Rs. 740/-             Day Scholars Rs. 330/- (p.m.)



Group-I (OBC)

Medical, Engineering including Degree level Courses in Indian medicine, B.A.M.S.,  comparable course in Ayurvedic, Unani/Tibbia and Homeopathic  System of medicines, B.Sc. (Agriculture/B.V.Sc. (Fisheries), Higher Technical and all professional studies like degree and post-graduate courses in Agriculture and Veterinary Science.

Hostlers   Rs. 425/-             Day Scholars Rs. 190/- (p.m.)

Group-II (SC/ST)

Other professional & Technical and Post Graduate including M.Phill, Ph.D. and Post Doctoral Research) Level courses not covered in Group –I. CA/ICWA/CS/etc. courses.  All post graduate, gradulate level diploma courses and all certificate level courses.  

Hostlers   Rs. 510/-             Day Scholars Rs. 330/- (p.m.)


Group-II (OBC)

Diploma level course in Indian Medicine and Comparable courses in Ayurvedic,Unani/Tibbia and Homeopathies system of Medicine, Diploma & comparable courses in Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Medicine, diploma level course in printing technology and courses for overseer draftsman, surveyor, commercial pilot license, diploma and higher courses in hotel management catering technology and applied nutrition. Degree and post-graduate course in nursing and pharmacy, Wireless and television operators/sound recording and sound engineering motion picture, photography, film direction/acting/screenplay/writing. Degree/post graduate diploma courses in business management, chartered and cost/works accountancy. Post graduate courses in Science subjects.

Hostlers   Rs. 290/-             Day Scholars Rs. 190/- (p.m.)


Group-III (SC/ST)

All other courses leading to a Graduate or above degree (not covered in Group-I & II).

Hostlers   Rs. 355/-             Day Scholars Rs. 185/- (p.m.)


            Group-III (OBC)

Certificate course in Engineering/Technology/Architecture and Medicine Diploma and Certificate course in agriculture, pharmacy, Veterinary Science, Fisheries, Dairy Development, Hygiene and public Health, Sanitary Inspector’s course, Courses for rural Services, Cooperation and community Development, Sub-Officers’ course at  the national Fire Service College, Nagpur, Library Science. Degree/post graduate diploma and post graduate courses in teachers’ training, library Science and Physical Education, Music Fine Arts and Law, Craft Instructor’s Training Course, Certificate Course in Hotel Management/Catering technology and Applied. Nutrition Passenger Transport Management, Associate Degree in Pharmacy. Post graduate courses in Arts and Commerce subjects.


Hostlers   Rs. 290/-             Day Scholars Rs. 190/- (p.m.)


Group-IV (SC/ST)

All Post Metriculation Level Courses before taking up graduation like classes XI & XII in 10+2 system and Intermediate Examinations etc. (Not covered in Group II & III).  ITI courses, other vocational courses (if minimum required  qualification to pursue the courses is at least matriculation. . 

Hostlers   Rs. 235/-             Day Scholars Rs. 140/- (p.m.)


Group–IV (OBC)

General courses upto graduate level ( 2nd Year and onward)

Hostlers   Rs. 230/-             Day Scholars Rs. 120/- (p.m.)



Group-V (OBC)

Classes XI and XII in 10+2 system, Intermediate courses and first year of General Courses upto graduate level.

Hostlers   Rs. 150/-             Day Scholars Rs. 90/- (p.m.)



Terms & Conditions


1.         Scholarship is available to all SC students whose parents/guardians income from all sources does not exceed Rs. 1.00 lakh per annum and all OBC students whose parents/guardians income from all sources does not exceed Rs. 44500/- per annum who are pursuing post matriculation/post secondary (college/university) level studies in Govt.  Recognized institutions during the academic year 2004-05.

2.         Students pursuing studies through correspondence courses are also eligible.

3.         All the children of same family/parents are also eligible subject to the income limit of the parents.  Students availing any other scholarship/stipend such as merit scholarships will not be eligible for this scholarship.

4.         All the attached requisite documents should be attested by the Gazetted Officer.

5.         Applications submitted in the prescribed proforma.

6.         A Certificate from the institution to the effect that the student is not getting any other scholarship/stipend.

7.   Date of admission in the course/commencement of class and completion of course.

8.         One attested copy of certificates, Diploma, Degree etc. in respect of all       previous examination passed.

9.         Income Certificate from all sources from the office SDM of Delhi.

10.       Application duly signed by the Head of Institution with seal of the institute.

11.       Attested photocopy of Caste Certificate issued by the Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

12.       Incomplete application will be treated as cancelled without giving any      intimation.



Study Tour Rs. 500/- P.A.  Thesis Typing/Printing Charges Rs. 600/-.





The blind Scholars will be given additional amount as ‘Readers Charges’ as mentioned below:-


Group                                                      Reader Allowance (Rs. Per month)

Group - A, B, C                                                                           100        

Group - D                                                                                    75        

Group - E                                                                                       50       


For SC Students Only:-


A.    Provision of transport allowance upto Rs. 100 per month for disabled students, if such students do not reside in the   hostel, which is within the premises of educational institution.


B.     Escort Allowance of Rs. 100 per month for severally handicapped day scholar students with low extremity disability. is admissible to any employee of the hostel willing to extend help to a severely orthopaedically handicapped student residing in hostel of an educational institution, who may need the assistance of a helper.


C.     Special Pay of Rs. 100/- per month is admissible to any employee of the hostel willing to extend help to a severely orthopaedically handicapped student residing in hostel of an educational institution, who may need the assistance of a helper.


D.    Allowance of Rs. 150/- per month towards extra coaching to mentally retarded and mentally ill students.  Fees : Scholars will be paid enrolment/registration, tuition, games, Union, Library, Magazine, Medical Examination and such other fees compulsorily payable by the scholar to the institution or University/Board.  Refundable deposit like caution money, security, deposit will, however, be excluded.


Study Tours : Study tour charges upto a maximum of Rs. 1000/- per annum, limited to the actual expenditure incurred by the student on transportation charges etc.  will be paid to the scholars studying professional and technical courses, provided that the head of the institution certifies that the study tour is essential for the scholar for completion of his/her course of study. (Applicable also to ST Students).

Thesis Typing/Printing Charges:  Thesis typing/printing charges upto a maximum of Rs. 1000/- will be paid to research scholarship on the recommendation of the Head of the Institution. (Applicable also to ST Students only).


Correspondence courses including distance and continuing education :  The students pursuing such courses are also eligible for an annual allowance of Rs. 750/- for essential/prescribed books, besides reimbursement of course fees.


Schemes implemented by DSCFDC.


            The DSFDC is implementing following schemes for the economic development of SCs/STs/OBCs and Minorities.  Details of these schemes are available in the Citizen Charter of e DSFDC or it could be obtained from General Manager, DSFDC, Institutional Area, Ambedkar Bhawan, Sector-16, Rohini, Delhi-85:-




Educational Loan Scheme for SC/ST/OBC and Minority


Economic Development



Composite Loan Scheme


Providing Financial Assistance  for purchase of light commercial vehicles like DLY Taxis, Tata-407, Tempo, Passenger Vehicles (CNG), Loading Vehicles etc.


Providing financial Assistance for purchase of CNG three wheeler scooters.


Big loan/industrial/service sector loan project costing upto Rs. 5.00 lacs


Vocational Training


Financial Assistance to DSFDC.









Name, Designation & Address

Telephone No.



Sh. R.K. Srivastava, 

Secretary (SC/ST),

Deptt. for the  Welfare of SC/ST/OBC /Minorities, B-Block, Vikas Bhawan, I.P.Estate, New Delhi .




Sh. D.K. Rastogi
Dy. Director (SCP)

Deptt. for the  Welfare of SC/ST/OBC /Minorities, B-Block, Vikas Bhawan, I.P.Estate, New Delhi .




Sh. V. K. Bahl

Dy. Director (SC/ST)

Deptt. for the  Welfare of SC/ST/OBC /Minorities, B-Block, Vikas Bhawan, I.P.Estate, New Delhi .




Sh. Ashok Kumar

Supdt. (Scholarship)

Deptt. for the  Welfare of SC/ST/OBC /Minorities, B-Block, Vikas Bhawan, I.P.Estate, New Delhi .




Sh. Rajendra Parsad

Supdt. (Boys Hostel)

Boys Hostel, Opposite Gate No. 6 GTB Hospital, Dilshad Garden, Delhi.



Smt. Geeta Yadav

Supdt. (Girls Hostel)

Girls Hostel, Opposite Gate No. 6 GTB Hospital, Dilshad Garden, Delhi.













                Contact Officers      Secretary (SC/ST/OBC/Min.)                       Dy. Director (SC/ST/OBC/Min./

                               B-Block, IInd Floor, Vikas Bhawan,            Room No. B-127, Vikas Bhawan

                               I.P. Estate, New Delhi-110002.                   I.P. Estate, New Delhi-110002

                              Tel. : 23378278,  Fax : 23378523                Tel: 23379514.